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Headache in Whiplash Injury Patients

Recent evidence suggests a substantial role for chiropractic and exercise in treating headache. The majority of chronic neck pain patients post-whiplash injury have significant pain originating from their cervical facet joints. Chronic headache patients exhibit deep neck flexor weakness. Postconcussion headache sufferers also have a weakness of their deep neck flexors, forward head posture and tightening of the suboccipital muscles.

Chiropractic manipulation and exercise are indicated as the treatments of choice based on this research.

Whiplash Injury with Headache Treatment Protocol:


  • Postural correction (lumbar support during sitting)


  • Adjustments (C0-C1, lower cervical, and cervicothoracic)

  • Muscle relaxation (SCM, upper trapezius, levator scapulae)

  • Stretching (suboccipital, pectorals, hamstrings, erector spinae)

  • Strengthening (deep neck flexors, abdominals, gluteals, erector spinae)

  • Propriosensory retraining

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September 07, 2012
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Dr. Pfeiffer

Dr. Brad Pfeiffer (chiropractor) has been providing Bend, Oregon residents with professional chiropractic care and rehabilitation services since 1999. Dr. Pfeiffer is a cum laude graduate of the University of Western States (formerly known as Western States Chiropractic College) in Portland, Oregon where he also previously instructed 4th year chiropractic interns at the campus clinic.