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DOT Medical Examination Coronavirus Updates

With the coronavirus pandemic, the FMCSA has temporarily extended the certification deadline for some expiring medical certificates to June 30, 2020. This offers some flexibility to CDL drivers to undergo their DOT physical at a date beyond their usual expiration, but prior to June 30, 2020. We are pleased to continue to offer DOT medical examinations to drivers at our chiropractor Bend Oregon office. Dr. Bradley Pfeiffer wants drivers to know that the providers at Sport & Spine-Bradley Pfeiffer, DC are following guidelines by the CDC and state government on coronavirus safety and sanitation to ensure a safe CDL medical examination. We are not seeing patients here with active repiritory illness or suspected COVID-19 that might typically be encountered at an urgent care type of facility that also may offer DOT medical exams. This makes Sport & Spine-Bradley Pfeiffer, DC an extremely safe option for getting or renewing your CDL medical certificate. Call to schedule your DOT physical in Bend Oregon at 541-383-4585.




DOT Medical Examinations in Bend Oregon

Dr. Brad Pfeiffer who is a chiropractor in Bend, OR  is now a certified medical examiner through the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. Beginning on May 21, 2014, all medical certificates issued to interstate and intrastate truck and bus drivers must come from medical examiners certified on the National Registry. Dr. Pfeiffer is pleased to continue to provide Department of Transportation DOT medical examinations (also known as Commercial Driver License CDL medical examinations) to drivers in the Bend and central Oregon area. To schedule a DOT physical examination with Dr. Pfeiffer, please call 541-383-4585. Additionally, please visit for more information about Dr. Pfeiffer's practice.


Chiropractic and NFL Football

Congratulations to the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks on their big wins to play in Super Bowl 48. The 2013 season in the NFL has brought about further understanding about the prevention and diagnosis of concussion injuries as well as how players are
tested and managed before returning to play. There has also been a further
understanding of the correlation between concussion and encephalopathy in
retired NFL players. A preliminary research study is also now demonstrating a
link between Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) pooling (and restrictions in the flow of
CSF resulting from vertebral misalignment) to many of the debilitating effects
of concussions. Here is a link to a story of how former Chicago Bears tough
quarterback Jim McMahon has benefited from the chiropractic treatments of Dr.
Scott Rosa. Not only is this exciting news for NFL players that have suffered concussion injuries, but also for anyone that has sustained concussion injuries or neck injuries.


2013 Cascade Gran Fondo

2013 Cascade Gran Fondo

Being a chiropractor in Bend, Oregon is really fantastic. I am very blessed to be able to help care for such wonderful patients. For those of you that live in Bend, you also know that we have some amazing athletes that call Bend home. On Sunday August 4, 2013, I had the pleasure of participating in the 3rd annual Cascade Gran Fondo bike ride which offered a choice of several routes including the 75 mile Full Gran Fondo looping around Mount Bachelor and many of the scenic cascade lakes. The event is hosted by professional cyclist and part time Bend, Oregon resident Chris Horner.  Chris has accomplished many things on the bike including winning the 2011 Tour of California, being a member of the 2012 USA Olympic cycling team, and having strong performances in several Tour De France races. He is also extremely friendly and of course has the most interesting biking stories. Not only is this event a great way to experience beautiful views of the Cascade Mountains and lakes, but also a great way to support amazing organizations including Mount Bachelor Ski Education Foundation, World Bicycle Relief and LIVESTRONG. I also had fun riding with Bobby Grover from Thump Coffee (and 11 Roasters) as well as Jay Junkin from Jackson's Corner (and Thump Coffee). I personally think Thump Coffee is the best coffee shop around. I also think Jackson’s Corner is the best restaurant around. After riding and talking with Bobby and Jay, I know why. These guys love serving people in Bend Oregon and using their passion and talents to create places and experiences that stand out and bring people together. So…thanks so much to Chris Horner and his wife Megan Horner (who works very hard putting this event together and making people feel welcome and cared for) for a great day of riding through the Cascades. Hopefully the Cascade Gran Fondo will continue to be a fun event that will bless others for many years.


DOT Medical Examinations

Last week, Dr. Brad Pfeiffer who is a chiropractor in Bend, OR completed the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners required training through Team CME to allow him to sit for the certification exam to be certified to perform DOT medical examinations. Beginning on May 21, 2014, all medical certificates issued to interstate and intrastate truck and bus drivers must come from medical examiners certified on the National Registry. Dr. Pfeiffer has been providing DOT medical examinations to drivers in the central Oregon area, and is pleased to continue the process to become certified to continue to provide DOT exams when the ruling takes place on May 21, 2014. To schedule a DOT examination with Dr. Pfeiffer, please call 541-383-4585. Additionally, please visit for more information about Dr. Pfeiffer's practice.


Chiropractic treatment clinically superior to medication and placebo for acute back pain

A recent study in the medical journal Spine demonstrates that patients receiving high-velocity, low-amplitude (HVLA) manipulation (the type of spinal manipulation most commonly performed by chiropractors) showed a faster and more distinct reduction in disability and subjective pain, and reported a better quality of life following manipulation compared with patients that received drug therapy.

See the abstract link below:


Chiropractic patients less likely to undergo lumbar spine surgery

A study published recently in the medical journal Spine demonstrated a strong association between chiropractic treatment and the decreased likelihood of lumbar spine surgery.

Key study findings show patients under 35, women, Hispanics and patients whose first provider was a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) had reduced odds of lumbar spine surgery.

Approximately 43% of patients who saw a surgeon first had surgery. Only 1.5% of those who saw a chiropractor first ended up having surgery.



Oregon Chiropractic Association 2013 Convention

Being a chiropractor in Bend, Oregon is an honor and a pleasure. I have a unique opportunity to help care for the health needs and desires of the most wonderful patients. As such, I am always excited to further my knowledge and education in ways that are beneficial to the health and wellness of our patients and community. Last weekend, I was blessed to attend the Oregon Chiropractic Association annual convention in Portland. There were so many great speakers and presentations, but I was most excited to learn from Dr. Dan Murphy, DC. His topic was neurology, and was certainly informative and backed up by some of the highest quality research. His presentation made an undeniable case for the benefit of chiropractic care as well as key nutritional recommendations that all people would benefit from. One of the topics that really interested me was his discussion on telomeres. Telomeres are short caps of DNA on the ends of chromosomes. As a cell divides, the telomere shortens, and as this process continues, as the telomere is mostly gone, the cell dies. As such, telomere length has been proposed as a marker of biological aging. So preventing telomere shortening may be a key anti-aging factor. In my next blog post, I will discuss several nutritional factors that appear to be beneficial in preventing telomere shortening.

Brad Pfeiffer, DC

Chiropractor Bend, Oregon




New Year Fitness Reminder

As many of us embark on the new year with health and fitness goals, I thought I’d share a bit about some of the things I do to try to maintain fitness.  As both of my kids are involved in sport climbing and bouldering on the Bend Endurance Academy climbing team, I have recently gotten back into sport climbing and bouldering as well. During the winter months, I have been putting in a few hours per week bouldering at Bend Rock Gym.  Climbing/bouldering is a great way to build and maintain fitness and improve balance, coordination and strength. As with any sport, it is important to gradually increase training time and intensity to avoid injuries.  Last winter I mistakenly got on the hang board without warming up and ended up straining a finger tendon trying a pull up from a two finger pocket. OUCH!  I could feel pain shoot all the way from my finger to my inner elbow.  Needless to say this took months to recover from, and after a year now I feel like I am at the level I was prior to the injury.  Some of these types of injuries can be treated successfully with cold laser therapy which I do perform at my Bend Oregon chiropractic office, but it is better to avoid getting injured by warming up properly and not trying to do more than your body is ready for.  Also, if you do an intense training day, make sure you rest or only do minimal intensity the next day. This will prevent injury and is also essential to allow your body to recover, adapt and allow better results from the training. Best wishes to a fit and healthy 2013.


Brad Pfeiffer, DC