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New Year Fitness Reminder

As many of us embark on the new year with health and fitness goals, I thought I’d share a bit about some of the things I do to try to maintain fitness.  As both of my kids are involved in sport climbing and bouldering on the Bend Endurance Academy climbing team, I have recently gotten back into sport climbing and bouldering as well. During the winter months, I have been putting in a few hours per week bouldering at Bend Rock Gym.  Climbing/bouldering is a great way to build and maintain fitness and improve balance, coordination and strength. As with any sport, it is important to gradually increase training time and intensity to avoid injuries.  Last winter I mistakenly got on the hang board without warming up and ended up straining a finger tendon trying a pull up from a two finger pocket. OUCH!  I could feel pain shoot all the way from my finger to my inner elbow.  Needless to say this took months to recover from, and after a year now I feel like I am at the level I was prior to the injury.  Some of these types of injuries can be treated successfully with cold laser therapy which I do perform at my Bend Oregon chiropractic office, but it is better to avoid getting injured by warming up properly and not trying to do more than your body is ready for.  Also, if you do an intense training day, make sure you rest or only do minimal intensity the next day. This will prevent injury and is also essential to allow your body to recover, adapt and allow better results from the training. Best wishes to a fit and healthy 2013.


Brad Pfeiffer, DC


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January 08, 2013
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Dr. Pfeiffer

Dr. Brad Pfeiffer (chiropractor) has been providing Bend, Oregon residents with professional chiropractic care and rehabilitation services since 1999. Dr. Pfeiffer is a cum laude graduate of the University of Western States (formerly known as Western States Chiropractic College) in Portland, Oregon where he also previously instructed 4th year chiropractic interns at the campus clinic.